This restoration project started May, 2012 and is still ongoing.

This project consisted of the following:

  • Coming home - Engine was initially purchased by Brian Linder. I bought it from him and had it delivered to Ron Holland House Moving in Forest City IA.
  • In the Beginning - Pictures as it was when I purchased it
  •  Disassembly- We took most of the engine apart. This portion is primarily done
  • Restoration - Not Started
  • Assembly - Not Started

The following people have contributed to this project and I thank them for their assistance:

  • Nancy Sellers - Spouse
  • Kenny Sellers - Son
  • Brian Linder- Friend and brains of the porject
  • Mike Linder- Friend, Brians son
  • Ron Holland- Friend
  • Jerred Rube - Friend
  • Heritage Park of North Iowa- Where the engine will be located

Here is some miscellaneous info (mainly to make sure I do not forget it)

  • Serial Number - 875094
  • Horse power - 150
  • Model - 32 E 14
  • Year - 1945
  • Color - Grey
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